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Captivated in equal measure by the passions demanded by dance, visual arts and the realms of literature, Anvi has rapidly carved a niche for herself in each of the art forms; as well as a rare identity as an artist bringing out a subtle yet delightful union among the three.

A dynamic, versatile artist blending the original with the wisdom and wealth of the traditional, her artistic oeuvre continues to evolve along a rich and compelling path.


Having danced her first lead role in the classical dance ballet 'Vasavi Vaibhava' at age 16, she continued to perform extensively for over 5 years with her Guru. After her critically acclaimed debut as a soloist in 2008, she has been featured in several National and International dance festivals across India, China, USA, UK, and Bhutan, winning her rave reviews among critics and connoisseurs alike.

As a creative dancer she is heavily influenced by the nuances and aesthetics of Classical ballet in which she has trained intensively with Yana Lewis (Bangalore) and Royal Academy of Dance (London); and her solo choreographic works and productions reflect this commendable approach. She is particularly recognized for her unique quality of movement, subtle evocative emotive abilities, grace and rhythmic command. She is an A - Grade artist of Doordarshan and has won awards including 'Natya Sri', 'Nrithya Jyothi', and the National award of 'Nrithya Bhushana'.

She is forever indebted to her Gurus Sri Kiran Subramanyam and Smt. Sandhya Kiran, Smt. Shubha Dhananjay, and Smt. Vasundhara Kumar.


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Excited by the innumerable possibilities of expression through Visual arts, Anvi has gained experience and expertise with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts specialising in Painting (Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore), and an MA (Chelsea college of Art and Design, London) where her interdisciplinary approach strengthened. She has been a part of several shows including the Grimsby festival (UK); Graceful Arts centre (Alva, USA); and Art cube gallery (London), for which she was also shortlisted for a student award.

She has been the Artist/Dancer - in residence at the Tamara confluence (Coorg, India); North Western Oklahoma State University (USA); The Art Students' League of New York (USA) with a merit scholarship; and a performance residency with the International Network of Culture and Arts at Somerset (UK).


With a natural flair and grasp of the English language, one of her earliest poems was selected and published in the National Anthology of Young poets when she was 12. She has since published numerous pieces including two chapbooks of poetry and experimental prose which have received considerable praise from literary critics, as well as several online contributions.

She is the recepient of an Exceptional Talent Endorsement by Arts Council England; under which she currently lives and works in London.

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PHOTO CREDITS - B.R Shankar (Bangalore), Shandilya Srivatsa (Bangalore), Color Frames (Bangalore), Anthony Soltani Photography (London), Parul Sharma (Delhi).

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'Endowed with an excellent stage personality and presence, appropriate facial expressions, razor sharp precision in Nritta and Laya, Anvi's exposition was a connoisseur's delight'

'Her poise and footwork stole the show. As she performed each step with equal clarity, the audience could not help applaud her'

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