Looking to develop her own artistic voice and creative interpretation of music and lyrics, Anvi has worked on several repertoire pieces. The Thillana in Revathi Raga, composed by Madurai Krishnan was one of her first attempts at observing and developing the interpretative quality in the NRITTA (pure Movement) aspect of Bharathanatyam, and to evolve movement textures that corresponded with the texture of the song and its mood (2008).



'Madhurashtakam', the lilting composition of Sri. Vallabhacharya describes the sweetness and the pleasing beauty of Lord Krishna- the sweetness of his form, the sweetness of his personality, and the sweetness of his relationships. Taking these verses in a narrative structure and threading an imaginative tale through it, the journey of emotions of a young maiden, caught in his endearing charms is depicted in this piece. (2011)

 Raas Thillana

The Raas Leela episode of Lord Krishna's life, where he multiplies himself to be able to dance with all the maidens of Brindavan on the moonlit banks of Yamuna river, is extremely romantic and visually stunning. To depict this tumult of emotion and the dynamics of movement as a soloist is a challenge. This melodious piece composed specifically by reknowned musician G S Rajan for one of her solos, gives great breadth to the dancer to explore the movements and  emotions involved in Raas Leela, and inspires the single body to cut patterns across space that would suggest the madness of dance. (2011). Music - GS Rajan

 Krishna Navarasa

 A rare, grand composition of Dr Shatavadhani R Ganesh, this piece explores the navarasas (nine universal human emotions) through different and rare episodes of Lord Krishna's life. This piece extols the dramatic aspect of Bharathanatyam and with the use of intricate jathis of M S Sukhi, further explores angika abhinaya in Bharathanatyam. (2013)



Bhaava Nrithya

The richness and variety of Kannada lyric poems (Bhaavageethes) offer unique possibilities to dancers,. Keen to explore this unmined treasure, 'BHAAVA NRITHYA' was premiered in 2009 for her mothers poetry, put to music by Sri. Upasana Mohan. Since then she has worked on various classical and contemporary poets of Kannada Literature, weaving movements to the words of Dr. Bendre, Kuvempu, P.T. Narasimhachar, Ananda Kanda, H.S Venkatesh Murthy, and others.



  • Choreographed 'Rishtey', a thematic presentation involving 450 students for Army Public School, Bangalore - Dec 2015
  • Choreographed for the women's dance team of St. Anne's College for 'Desi Habba' festival - June 2012
  • Dance educator and choreographer for National Public School, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 2010-2011
  • Assistant teacher and choreographer at 'Natyantharanga', under the guidance of her Guru Smt. Shubha Dhananjay - 2003-2009


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'Her poise and footwork stole the show. As she performed each step with equal clarity, the audience could not help applaud her'

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