As an actress, Anvi has pursued acting in India and in London. In 2019, she appeared in a short dance film 'UNSKIN' by Crimson Black Productions which has been shown globally in several film festivals.

In India, she has appeared in several Kannada television soaps which include 'Deva Gange' (2010), directed by Prashanth Haldodderi; 'Manju Musukida Haadi' (2009 -2010) under the production of Prakash Belavadi directed by Mohena Singh Shourie. Her most memorable role has been as Sharmila in T.N Seetharam's acclaimed directorial 'Mukta', which highlighted the issues of suicide among students. As a child artist she has also appeared in 'Antaragange', 'Aasare', 'Yettana Maamara', and the telefilm 'Tamra Patra', all directed by her veteran actor/director/writer father Srinivasa Prabhu. She has been home schooled by her father ands has also attended theatre workshops under renowned artists Nataraj Honnavalli and Gopal Krishna Naire over the years. Anvi was represented by Nic Kniht management between 2017 - 2018, during whcih time she gained immense skills and experience in auditioning, networking, and developing her individual brand that she wants to represent as an artist. 


Radhika Prabhu


'Mid Light' Productions 

A brainchild of Anvi, 'Mid Light' productions is a brand new, unique film production company meant specifically for creating dance films imbued with cutting edge, meaningful content. Film is one of the most impactful and far reaching mediums in today's world,a nd by combining it with the equally dynamic force that is dance and the aesthetics of visual arts, we hope to develop a very original, positive, and creative voice that can reach and influence a wide audience through features and short films, as well as content for digital platforms. 




In 2019, Anvi was a participant in the Britain's Miss and Mrs. inagural pageant and walked away as the 2nd runner up in the Miss category, along with the title of Miss Glamourous. The pageant included three months of intense training and mentoring with stalwarts of the industry including Stephanie Hill, Grace Levy, Hannah Batten, Saaish Shhetey, Tripti Singh, Sheetal Rane, Vineet Johri, and Dr. Soumya.

Anvi has a special love for modeling for the camera, and has been modeling for various photographers since 2006. This has lead her to work with the renowned 'Color Frames' company in Bangalore, with photographer Shankar Subramanian, with 'Idea Roots' Creative company, and with Prachi Shukla of 13.Voyage.

In London, she has had the opportunity to work with the much sought after Vineet Johri as well as young talents Rachel Dunlop, Anthony Soltani, and Federico Lovat.

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'Her poise and footwork stole the show. As she performed each step with equal clarity, the audience could not help applaud her'

Deccan Herald

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